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My Life


 My name is Mellissa Vergason and I was born in 1995 in Tennessee. I have always called Tennessee home; I may not live here forever but for now this is where the Lord has kept me. Horse Obsessed would be what comes to everyone's mind who is asked to describe me! While I did not have the opportunity to own a horse when I was young, I planned to make it happen since I can remember.

My Dream


 How many of us have said that same thing about making the dream come true? For a lot of you I am guessing that it is still in the works, in the back of your mind. If you have achieved that dream you know how hard it is and how long it can take.  Whether you're 12 years old with high hopes or 50 and dreaming since you were a little girl we've all been in that same boat. Most people don't get this burning passion and it can be lonely when others fail to understand. I remember when I was the horse crazy girl in high school, but I never got offended because I knew that I would make it happen even if it was crazy to them. The hard work can sometimes come easy when you can see yourself 10 years down the road fulfilling your passions.

 As a senior in high school I made the decision to forgo college, even with the temptation of equestrian colleges seeming like a valid option. I realized that I could learn what I needed to through books, videos, and experiences. Over time I came to the realization that this would have to be done alone because everyone who could offer help was already, understandably, self involved in their own issues. If you are not in the horse world it is not easy to involve yourself in their activities and become of a part of that lifestyle; a lot of people will doubt your passion, abilities or commitment.

My Horse

 When I finally had found someone who understood my dream and enjoyed my help I had to also leverage my time with a job that paid the bills. Almost all of my free time was devoted to getting to the barn, or the next Friday night horse show, or whatever else just to participate and learn. She understood enough and wanted to help, and when I was ready to own my first horse I knew she would be willing to give me her opinion. That perfect moment when Azlinn and myself first met each other I knew this was the one, and my friend agreed, we were a match. Azlinn had been cast off and rejected, she didn't have a stable home or owner. I had been alone within my dream for so long until I had finally found my footing and my place. We both longed for companionship, and we had found that in each other.

Our Life's Dream to own a Horse

 I started YouTube because I wanted to show others that dreams can come true from nothing: Zero Experience, Zero Money, Zero Help - just several heapings of faith and passion. The dream grows bigger, the hope rises higher and the hard work keeps going. We've all had moments of doubt; this world will love to let you down and pile on the hurt. I told myself and my subscribers on YouTube that I will own a horse in March 2015... oops. Something else was thrown at me and I knew the Lord was giving me more lovely chances to practice patience.
 Now my original dream has come true, but as I said earlier, it gets bigger and better! Through YouTube I discovered what a love I have of helping and encouraging others. Through our conversations I learned just how much I was helping others, and I was myself more motivated and encouraged by y'all! I am just as excited to hear your story as I am to write my own. My goal is to create a community of encouragement, excitement, learning, and sharing. Together we can Make the Horse Dream Your Reality.

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About Azlinn

 On June 17th, 2015 Azlinn and myself came into each other's lives - but the story does not start there. Owning a horse has been a dream of mine since I can remember, and if you read the about "Mellissa Vergason" section you should have an idea. I had promised myself and my YouTube subscribers that I would own a horse by March of 2015, but I had too many questions about the stability of my situation at the time. I was unsure of my financial position - I had summer layoffs to consider with my job, and I would have to make sure to allocate a lot of time to a horse while keeping up with other bills. I needed to have enough saved up to buy the horse, sure, but also to purchase tack, pay for board, and keep some left over for when emergencies arise! I knew I would get laid off for a couple months, and I needed to be absolutely sure that I could stay afloat. Having to avoid horse sale websites posts was torture, but I knew I had to do it until I was ready.

 Finally, I was comfortable enough to look for a horse in June. As I was searching for a horse, on sites like Facebook, I found myself getting a bit of an off feeling about the way a horse was presented: Like a used car lot with a salesman presenting you with what you wanted to see and glossing over the details. I had to turn to my horse friends, Pam and her daughter Hope. Pam is the first person I felt like really cared for my love of horses, and her daughter Hope went to the same high school as I did. They are wonderful people who have owned horses since Hope was little. Both Hope and Pam really helped me grow as a person - especially with my confidence and passion for horses. They started really helping me look for a horse and I was supposed to meet them June 16th, 2015 to see one. We got our plans mixed up, I had no signal on my phone, and so I had no idea what had happened. I was asking around the different barns; somehow I ended up talking to a woman who had sold a horse recently. She told me how the horse's new owners were having trouble bonding together. The new owner was looking to place her with a better fit. I went home that night and texted Hope about the horse. By my surprise, she had already heard this horse might be going up for sale and said "I think you will really like this mare. I just got done talking to the owner... We are really excited for you!". Hope had never seemed confident with any other horses we talked about for me to buy until this one.

 The next day we met, and when they pulled the horse out of the stall I was shocked to see how beautiful she was! I had only heard things about this horse; I hadn't seen a photo or anything. Normally I think Paints are the most beautiful but I'd never seen a Grulla before. Azlinn is such a pretty horse with her dorsal stripe and her white socks, I couldn't have wished for better! As the day went on Hope and I went back and forth doing things with her to see how she would react to new people. We were told she was hard to catch, and so we would try that inside and outside of the pasture. We put her in the arena and let her roam around. Some time later we went up to her and she moved a little but didn't quite run away. Then, after letting her roam some more for a few moments and talking among ourselves, they told me to go up to her by myself. I was so nervous, being watched by the horse in front of me and the people behind me! I told myself not to worry, I just wanted to be next to the horse that might just be my first horse. I started talking to her softly and she hesitated to move. She walked a little bit to eat more and let me come up to her. I lightly pet her, rubbing my hands all over her neck, and then walking around her. She stood still and stopped eating. She was listening to me and curious about me.

 It seemed like I was in a fairy tail. Here I am, with something I had worked for and dreamed about for so long. I thought, "Okay. If I walk away now, will she follow me?". I turned away from her and clicked for her to follow, then I started to slowly walk away. A few steps later she was following right behind me, stopping 2 or 3 times to get a mouth of grass and keep going. She walked slightly behind my right shoulder, not directly next to me. Pam and Hope were watching, and as soon has I got close enough to them I said I was going to cry! I never imagined that this could happen after just meeting a horse. Just like that she followed me. Pam had said she was tearing up it was so beautiful! I will never forget that moment when everything fell into place.

 I bought Azlinn that day, and she was and still is the perfect horse for me. She is testy and fiesty which taught me to become a good leader quickly. She needs love, attention, and training. She fit exactly what I needed, and I can be what she needs: someone she can trust and bond with.  Meet my first horse Azlinn, a Quarter Horse Grulla Mare born March 25th 2007. I wouldn't want any other horse to be on this journey with!  <3

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