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 The first page of this book was written when I was about 15 years old. It sat in my room for years collecting dust, thrown in boxes, and read about 3 times until the summer of 2014. I was 19 years old in the middle of a layoff from a seasonal job. I had to make a decision on what to do with my time before I was called back. I had set a goal to own a horse in March of 2015. On YouTube I had started a series of videos titled "Journey to Owning a Horse" and realized I'd be letting myself down and the others who followed my journey if I didn't reach that goal. After dreaming for years and working hard I once again had to push that goal back. I had to come up with something productive during my layoff and finding another job was not going well. One evening I was spit balling ideas back and fourth with my significant other when the book idea came up and I ran with it! I'd say an idea for the book and he would say something back; we kept building a better idea off of each other.

 Like any creator, I like to point out the uniqueness of my work. It was originally written in third person and changed into first person later on. As you read you it you'll find out it's written a little different than you might have originally thought. It's not just for young horse lovers, or just women, and you'll have to read it to find out why.

 Unfortunately, the journey to writing this book has not been easy. I was in a very stressed time of my life and thinking that I could write it in 2 months was a JOKE! It was exciting the first week rewriting the beginning from third person to first. After a few weeks I had the characters created and the entire outline of the first book in my head. This turns out to be a detriment to writing sometimes, because from the characters perspective they do not know what is ahead, and yet from a writers perspective I have to know. It started to become frustrating because I could see the whole book in my head but I couldn't get it on paper. I didn't want my creative work to become a chore, so I have set aside writing this book until I can get to less stressful point in my life. I want to write this book series you guys, but I need to write it on my own time when it feels right!

 This project is on hold for now, but the idea still stands and I plan to finish it someday soon. Heartland is the biggest world wide known equestrian book and TV show, but it will end and there will be a time for something new. I hope I can deliver that fresh new look to the horse world in fiction, but for now my goals are rooted in the real world with The Horse Dream. If I can help others make The Horse Dream a Reality with the journal and community I want to build it will stand as a support to all my other works! Thank you for your support, and as Always*Love, Mellissa

The Horse Dream Journal:

Year One


For all horse lovers of any age who are looking for the right path to someday own a horse, there is no better assistant than The Horse Dream Journal. Inside this journal you will write, learn, and be asked to research certain topics with the goal of becoming a responsible horse owner. You will tap into your emotions, learn the importance of scheduling and budgets, as well as get creative with activities designed to inspire and encourage you. The journal spans a year's worth of entries totaling sixty-four. Start your Journey to Owning a Horse with The Horse Dream Journal!

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