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  Formerly known as Starhorse12Channel, The Horse Dream YouTube channel is the official channel for I officially started YouTube in December of 2013. I really enjoyed creating the HeartlandTuesdayTalk videos at first and so did my viewers!  As I grew more comfortable making videos I started to film my Journey to Owning a Horse. In 2014 I made it a goal that I would save $5,000 to own one in March of 2015. It became clear very quickly that the videos were not only an outlet for me, but also a place to give and receive encouragement from dreamers and owners. Even though I missed my deadline in March, I continued to work at it and in June of 2015 I bought my first horse: Azlinn! I am now continuing to film videos with Azlinn, hoping to inspire and be inspired by other dreamers and owners. Come check out the channel and visit the web site, help us build a community that can help others Make the Horse Dream a Reality! 

 EquineGuard is my second YouTube Channel, started in June of 2016. EquineGuard is a cinematic combination of horses and flag work, drawing inspiration from my love of Color / Winter Guard. After realizing that Azlinn was not interested in barrel racing or jumping, I knew I had to find something that we could do together for fun. I hope that these videos will inspire in you to be creative and encourage you to pursue your dreams in the horse world. Remember that anything is possible when we work towards our dreams! 

Click each link for video series

EquineGuard Equine Guard YouTube Channel
The Horse Dream YouTube Channel
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